ICC and Nautical Licence Regularisation

7th August 2017

We would like to notify our esteemed students and the general public of the below notification from Transport Malta :

1) ICCs that were issued prior to 13 February 2017 will remain eligible for the issue of a Nautical Licence (NL). NLs may include any restrictions/limitations prescribed in the ICC: for example, there are ICCs that have a length limitation less than 24m. In this respect, as a minimum, the NL will be equivalent to the ICC.

2) Individuals that have obtained an ICC after 13 February 2017 will be eligible to sit of the NL Examination to obtain a NL in line with the applicable procedure that is already in place.

3) To ensure that there is a smooth transition and ample time for individuals to regularise themselves and enjoy summer 2017 the Authority will grant a moratorium until end October 2017 following which clients would need to obtain a NL in line with 1 or 3 above. Enforcement agencies will be notified accordingly.

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