RYA MCA Yachtmaster™ Offshore Certificate of Competence™

Why would you need an RYA MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence?

What do you need?


Previous Knowledge & Experience required

Candidates wishing to apply for their Yachtmaster Offshore examination are requested to present their qualifying passages when registering for the course. The requirements for these passages are:

Qualifying passages for Yachtmaster® Offshore should be non-stop by the shortest navigable route with no change of skipper. Passages such as recognised races which may not comply exactly with these requirements may be submitted to the RYA for approval before the voyage.

Trainee skippers undertaking 60 mile passages are strongly advised to take a Coastal Skipper course first.

Canditates are also expected to have a certain level of theoretical knowledge.

What do you get?

The RYA MCA Yachtmaster ™ Offshore Certificate of Competence is a widely sought-after Certificate of Competence whose world-wide recognition makes it the ultimate aim of most aspiring skippers. This certificate is jointly issued by the RYA and the Marine and Coastguard Agency, UK and entitles the holder to skipper passages of up to 150Nm from a safe haven.
The certificate is steadily becoming the go-to standard for employers looking for staff to work on board motor and sailing yachts the world round – to this end the CoC may be commercially endorsed.

While the RYA Day Skipper and Coastal Skipper certificates are beneficial to anyone aiming to gain their YMO CoC, you need not take any formal training prior to the exam but should have undertaken sufficient sea time and miles in order to sit for your Yachtmaster™ exam. These miles should ensure that you have enough experience, including sailing in tidal waters to prepare for your exam under the guidance of our training centre.

You may chose to prepare for your Yachtmaster™ exam in a number of different ways. Malta Sailing Academy offers the below modules and ancillary courses which may help you in preparation for your exam. We will be there to guide and prepare each and every student to the best of their ability to ensure that they are 100% prepared for the RYA MCA Yachtmaster  Offshore.

Yachtmaster Offshore Basic Package

Ancillary Courses for the Award of Certificate of Competence
Ancillary Courses Required for the Award of a Commercially Endorsed CoC
Disclaimer: Please leave at least one day in between the end of the courses/examinations and your departure as we may have to reschedule some exams due to inclement weather conditions.

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15 - 20 February 2018


Approximatley 3 weeks including theory and examination


Variable, depening on modules required

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