Corporate & Team Building

Sailing is one of the top team sports out there – the better the team work, the better the performance!

If you are looking for a team event, to treat your employees or to encourage your staff to communicate better, why not sail with us? We will put the wheel in their hands – literally! We will remain on hand to ensure that everything goes smoothly, and safety precautions are adhered to, but depending on what you’re looking for, we can provide anything from a calm group cruise to a thrilling ride where quick, rational decisions are of utmost importance.

In addition we are able to provide a number of on board catering options – just in case you’d like to stop for lunch and a pep talk in one of Malta’s spectacular bays.

Your team may not learn to sail in one day but we’re sure they’ll come out of it appreciating the importance of effective teamwork and decision making.

Is your team large enough to require more than one boat? Brilliant! We can use this opportunity to add some competitive action to the mix!

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